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Happy New Year! And Progress Updates

Happy 2016!

We are starting the new year, and only two weeks into the production of our new game. To celebrate, we want to share a snapshot of our timeline:

  1. Finish design Nov 2015 DONE!
  2. Begin production Dec 2015 DONE!
  3. Hire freelance pixel artists and illustrators for preliminary workJan 2016  DONE!
    1. Hire 2 more artists for supplemental work – Feb 2016 DONE!
  4. Hire voice actors for preliminary workFeb 2016 DONE!
  5. Begin crowdfunding campaignMar 31, 2016 DONE!
  6. Finish crowdfunding campaignMay 2, 2016 DONE!
  7. Hire freelance artists and voice actors for full and final work DONE!
  8. Start Alpha testing and fixes Spring 2017
  9. Start Beta testing and final QASummer 2017
  10. Release game to publicWinter 2017
  • Development of the game will take place simultaneously from Dec ’15 into Summer ’17, up to release. In Progress…

We want to ensure our game is fun, high-quality, and valued. As we move forward, we’ll give those following along chances to become part of the magic. For now, please bookmark our site and follow us on Twitter.

Thank you for your support and happy new year!


Chris M Brewer

Director, Masterworld Entertainment

Christmas Update

In the wee hours of the morning after the Christmas holiday, I am reflecting on some of the things we have accomplished in such a short week and a half since we began production. It is moving quickly despite the legitimate interruptions from parties and gatherings with friends and family. Here are some of the things we’ve worked on:

  • Character conceptualization and a distinct path for each of our starting 6 classes
  • Art style and interface appearance
  • Abilities, traits, and how they will be useful in both common and unique situations
  • Weapon, armor, and which proficiencies will be in the core game
  • Character animation and movement techniques we will use throughout development
  • Identifying team roles, contributions, and needs

This is an exciting adventure — one that we want to include you in as soon as we can. You can still follow, like, and share from our social media as well (every bit helps!): our website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (content to come).

Within the next few weeks, we will begin introducing the other team members, providing additional details about the game, and explaining some insights we perceive in game design.

Warm regards and best wishes in the coming year,



Chris M Brewer

Director, Masterworld Entertainment

Our New Game Production Has Begun!

We are excited to announce that we have begun working on our new game!

In this rogue-like dungeon-crawler RPG, you will lead a party of 4 adventurers through an engaging campaign or randomly-generated adventures. The feature-rich character customization will allow you to turn them into nearly any kind of hero you desire through your adventures, from warrior to wizard to ranger, or mix them all into a hybrid! Play solo, or join up to 3 other players online for a co-op experience. We are targeting a July 2016 release on Steam for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Some features we are targeting for the core game (initial release):

  • 6 diverse class-based skill trees: adventurer, warrior, rogue, ranger, cleric, wizard
  • 12 expansive specialties that allow class customization, multi-classing, and unique ability options
  • Over 350 unique abilities, traits, proficiencies, enchantments, and spells
  • Dozens of class-changing artifacts that allow you to redefine the way a base class functions
  • Hundreds of items and objects to equip, use, and interact with
  • Hundreds of beautiful animations
  • Quality, entertaining voiceovers for each class
  • A beautiful soundtrack
  • Multiplayer co-op capabilities


Additional features we hope to include through subsequent updates and expansions:

  • Over 30 additional classes
  • Over 60 additional specialties
  • Thousands of new abilities, traits, proficiencies, enchantments, and spells
  • Thousands of new items, objects, adventures, sounds, effects, and animations
  • Additional campaigns, music, lore, and voiceovers
  • Player-customized buildings, cities, or shops
  • Additional platforms


Priorities in our design approach:

  • Gameplay must be fun, entertaining, and repeatable
  • Character customization and encounters must be diverse
  • Features must be working and balanced
  • Controls and actions must be clear and useful
  • Performance must be smooth and stable
  • Value must be improving and fair (no micro-transactions or pay-to-win)


Our talented team is small, and while we certainly hope to grow, our focus will always remain on creating quality game experiences — profit margins will never usurp the quality of our games. As we move forward, we will be updating our website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media with more information, development status, feature previews, and announcements.

In March 2016, we will be seeking crowdfunding support to acquire the final funding for our required art assets, server costs, and remaining polish, which will allow supporters and players to become part of the process even more with extra bonuses prior to release!

Please subscribe, follow, and share with your friends as we journey through this process together.




Chris M Brewer

Director, Masterworld Entertainment