Happy New Year! And Progress Updates

Happy 2016!

We are starting the new year, and only two weeks into the production of our new game. To celebrate, we want to share a snapshot of our timeline:

  1. Finish design Nov 2015 DONE!
  2. Begin production Dec 2015 DONE!
  3. Hire freelance pixel artists and illustrators for preliminary workJan 2016  DONE!
    1. Hire 2 more artists for supplemental work – Feb 2016 DONE!
  4. Hire voice actors for preliminary workFeb 2016 DONE!
  5. Begin crowdfunding campaignMar 31, 2016 DONE!
  6. Finish crowdfunding campaignMay 2, 2016 DONE!
  7. Hire freelance artists and voice actors for full and final work DONE!
  8. Start Alpha testing and fixes Spring 2017
  9. Start Beta testing and final QASummer 2017
  10. Release game to publicWinter 2017
  • Development of the game will take place simultaneously from Dec ’15 into Summer ’17, up to release. In Progress…

We want to ensure our game is fun, high-quality, and valued. As we move forward, we’ll give those following along chances to become part of the magic. For now, please bookmark our site and follow us on Twitter.

Thank you for your support and happy new year!


Chris M Brewer

Director, Masterworld Entertainment